The Polish American Vote is an initiative that has been created by Polish-American media networks who are working together to inform the community about the upcoming elections, provide information on candidates and jointly report news that is related to local politics. The Polish American Vote initiative is closely working with national media in Poland, Polish Press Agency and the Polish National Television in order to provide them with key highlights from the elections.

One of the main instruments created by the #PAV is the Polish American Questionnaire. The Questionnaire has been created by community leaders and key Polish American organizations and Institutions and it contains questions about the most important issues that the Polish American community in New York cares about. The Questionnaire is being sent to all NYC Mayor, NYC Borough, and NY City Council Candidates running for the seats in districts populated by Polish Americans. The answers will help us identify where the candidates stand on Polish issues and they will be made available to the public through all local Polish networks united in the initiative as well as social media, mailing lists, and the internet.

The Polish American Vote Initiative does not endorse any candidates and is here only to fulfill the role of good public service, making sure that the Polish voters are well informed about the candidates who have a chance to represent them.

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